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I’ve tried hundreds of commercial profiles trying to find the sound I have in my head. Until now, I’d never found profiles that work so well without having to make a bunch tweaks. These profiles sit so well in a live mix and I wouldn’t dream of using anything else - they’re that good!

Tim Womble

Brian has spent countless hours perfecting his tone. He has found an excellent balance of cutting through the mix while maintaining a perfect wash of delay/reverb. These are pristine sounds from one of the top worship guitar players around. These are must have if you play worship music!

Chris Donovan

I just wanted to drop a line and say that the effects in the Brian Carl profiles are fantastic! They’re very reminiscent of what I was running on my Bigsky and Timeline. They have that “something extra” that allows them to sweeten the sound without getting in the way. You can tell just as much attention was put into the effects chains as was the amp profiles!

Brady Miller

I have been playing with Brian Carl for years. He has created and crafted his signature sounds in these profile packs and he sounds better than ever. Get a Kemper and get these sounds!

Ray Coury

I saw Brian spending hours meticulously taking this model from great to incredible. It has raw grit, and an honest character to it. I am pretty blown away. The best part is, no matter what troubles the road may bring, I know Brian’s guitar will always sound the same.

Paul Whittinghill