Brian is a full time touring/recording guitar player and lives with his family in Atlanta, GA.

“This all started for me as a challenge.  Could I really use the Kemper alone and manage to pull off what I do with my pedalboard and amps?  I LOVE pedals, and I LOVE amps.  I wanted to find a way to practice and record at home without bringing in tons of gear, and that’s when it started.  Little by little, I started making profiles building out performances, learning to pull everything I could out of the KPA effects and trying my best to recreate what I was able to do live with my board and amps.  I wanted to do more than just get by, I needed this to be as good if not better.  I started playing with it live, then touring with it.  After months of tweaking and getting some really helpful feedback, I’ve landed on a setup that I couldn’t be more happy with. These are the profiles and the sounds I use both on the road and in the studio.

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